Process - The Design, Construction and Creation 

Who designed the items

I designed all the items you see on this website.

Who makes the items? 

That would be me, I make them all from start to finish 

How is my item made? 

I start by creating patterns for all the different items featured on my website, then from there I hand cut all the different pieces out of your chosen colour of leather. The pieces with the softened edges are then edged by hand, sanded using a dremel to get the best softened edge. All the pieces are then burnished using Edge Kote (apart from pieces which are to be sewn together), I also burnish the backs so there are no raw edges. At this stage I rub a natural feed into the pieces so that they are protected from slight watermarks (care instructions should still be followed). Once that has been buffed off I hand punch any holes which have been previously marked. 

How is my item finished? 

Once your item has been 'fed' it is then hand-stamped with your chosen personalisation and assembled. For my luggage tags or anything riveted this means, a small amount of glue placed between the pieces before the rivet is hand pressed into place. For all stitched items a small amount of glue is placed along the punched stitch holes before hand stitching the pieces together, for stitched pieces this is when I then sand and burnish the edges. 

Your item is then cleaned up before being packaged up and sent to you. 

Now for all the writing here is a quick video to better explain, or to watch instead of reading my drawl!