Betsy's Story - The Why and Who?

October 2017 

I established  Betsy Jones online for the first time, after months of planning. 

December 2017 

In December of our first year I designed the hexagon luggage tag, which has gone on to be our best seller

September 2019 

A redesign of the website, with a concentration on bespoke design

August 2018 

I established a sustainability plan for Betsy Jones 

View it here

Who is behind Betsy Jones

Hi, I'm Kirsty Narey. I live in West Yorkshire with my family. I attended De Montfort University in Leicester where I studied Footwear, before going on to a Purchasing Manager's job working for my Dad until 2016. 

Why did you set up Betsy Jones

In 2016, I gave birth to my daughter pre-maturely due to Pre-eclampsia, which resulted in me having PTSD, depression and anxiety. Part way in to my maternity leave I lost my job, and because of the Mental Health issues I was unable to go to job interviews, so what better time to set up the business I always wanted to. 

Why is your business called Betsy Jones?

Betsy Jones is my daughters name, I know how creative! 

November 2017 

I opened up an Etsy Store for Betsy Jones. 

Betsy's Timeline- The What Happened and When?

December 2019 

I created the fox handbag and purse set

September 2020 

A redesign and launch of a new logo